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Senior Literary Agent

Margarette Hayes

Margarette is a literary enthusiast with a passion for the written word. Having pursued her academic journey at Nevada State University, Margarette holds a degree in English with a minor in creative writing, a testament to her commitment to the craft of storytelling.

Margarette’s love for literature, particularly young adult and children’s books, goes beyond the confines of academia. It’s a fervor that fuels her appreciation for the delicate art of weaving tales that resonate with the hearts and minds of young readers.

Her academic background has not only equipped her with a profound understanding of literature but has also honed her skills in the nuanced realm of creative writing. Margarette is not just a reader; she is a connoisseur of narratives that transport readers to magical realms, spark imaginations, and leave lasting impressions.

Whether delving into the complexities of young adult fiction or reveling in the simplicity of children’s literature, Margarette’s literary journey is a testament to her unwavering love for stories that stand the test of time. As she continues to explore the vast landscape of literature, one can only anticipate the mark she’ll leave on the world of words.