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Senior Literary Agent

Adrian Notch

Hailing from the growing Suburb of Hutto, Texas, Adrian embarked on his literary odyssey, carving his narrative path through the realm of words. His journey commenced within the hallowed halls of Gelfman Schneider and ICM Partners, where the seeds of his literary passion took root. However, destiny had other chapters in store. In 2017, he embarked on a new chapter by joining The Literary Firm, infusing fresh energy into his literary voyage.

The siren call of New York’s literary tapestry beckoned to Adrian in 2007, and it was amidst the bustling urban symphony that he began weaving the threads of his independent agent narrative. With an innate penchant for storytelling that borders on the alchemical, Adrian finds himself irresistibly drawn to fiction that defies convention. Be it the siren’s song of Upmarket & Commercial Adult fiction or the enigmatic cadence of Middle Grade and Young Adult, his heart quickens for narratives that wield hooks like spells, plots that entwine like labyrinthine paths, and characters whose essence lingers long after the final page is turned.

In the crucible of his literary curation, Adrian crafts a mosaic of genres that mirrors the kaleidoscope of human imagination. From the chiaroscuro dance of literary page-turners to the heart-pounding crescendo of commercial suspense, from the ethereal waltz of magical realism to the daring pirouette of edgy sci-fi, his discerning eye seeks the extraordinary in the ordinary. Venture through the pages he champions, and you’ll encounter not just characters, but companions; not just stories, but living, breathing worlds.

A connoisseur of the peculiar, Adrian’s heart quickens for the enigmatic, the enclaves of small town hysteria, the whisper of secrets that dance through moonlit corridors. He’s the guardian of atmosphere, the sentinel of things that go bump in the night. A curator of charm, a conjurer of humor, he wields words like a sorcerer’s wand, invoking twists of magic that leave readers spellbound.

In the constellation of literary seekers, Adrian’s star shines bright as he searches for narratives that transcend time and genre. His compass points toward the uncharted territories of Upmarket commercial and literary Adult fiction, the untamed wilds of Middle Grade, and the unexplored vistas of select Young Adult tales. Within his embrace lie the realms of suspense that tighten like a noose, the galaxies of speculative fiction waiting to be discovered, and the portals to fantastical lands where reality and dreams entwine.

Adrian’s literary aegis extends to realms where genres intermingle and stories flourish. A harbinger of horror, an architect of rom-com symphonies, he thrives on the pulse of narratives that defy categorization. His treasure trove includes not only fiction but also the sacred tomes of narrative non-fiction, where truths are penned with the quill of experience.

Amidst the ever-turning pages, Adrian’s journey continues, a symbiosis of writer, agent, and the universes they create. As his narrative unfolds, he welcomes fellow travelers—authors, dreamers, and adventurers—to join him on this literary expedition. Together, they traverse the landscapes of imagination, crafting tales that resonate like whispered secrets in the night. Adrian 

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