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Senior Literary Agent

Kate Harding

As a passionate literary agent, I have spent over two decades immersed in the world of literature, nurturing and representing talented authors across various genres. My love for storytelling and the written word started at a young age, and I have dedicated my career to helping writers achieve their dreams of publication and success.

After graduating with a degree in English Literature from University of Southern California, I quickly found my calling in the literary agency world. I began my career as an assistant at Upstart Crow Literary, where I learned the intricacies of the publishing industry and honed my negotiation skills. Determined to excel, I worked diligently and soon earned my position as a literary agent. Over the years, I have built an extensive network of connections with publishing houses, editors, and fellow agents, making me a valuable asset to any author seeking representation.

Beyond my professional life, I am an avid reader with a personal library that spans various genres and time periods. When I’m not immersed in a book, I enjoy exploring art galleries, attending literary events and conferences, and supporting aspiring writers through mentorship programs. I am also an advocate for diversity and inclusion in the publishing industry, striving to promote underrepresented voices and stories.

As a literary agent, I remain steadfast in my commitment to finding exceptional talent, championing their work, and shaping the future of literature. If you are a writer seeking representation, I welcome you to get in touch, and together, we can embark on an exciting journey to bring your stories to the world.

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