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Senior Literary Agent

Trixie Summers

With a deep passion for narratives and a sharp ability to spot literary treasures, Trixie Summers serves as a dedicated literary agent at Pen & Paper Literary Agency. In her core, she’s a genuine lover of books, having spent years nurturing writers and helping them achieve their aspirations of captivating readers across the globe.

Armed with a degree in English Literature, Trixie possesses an intricate comprehension of the intricate details and shifts within the publishing realm. Her satisfaction arises from cultivating profound bonds with authors, shepherding them through the publication process, and skillfully negotiating agreements that fill their hearts with elation.

Trixie is recognized for her affable and accessible demeanor, valuing the amplification of diverse voices and the illumination of untold narratives. Her unwavering dedication to exceptional literature and unwavering commitment to her clients’ triumphs have bestowed upon her the confidence and admiration of both authors and industry experts alike.

When she’s not engrossed in manuscripts, Trixie can be spotted cozied up with an engaging book, discovering concealed bookshops, and expressing her adoration for literature through her blog. Infused with her contagious passion for language, Trixie is prepared to commence on literary voyages with authors, one page at a time.