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Renowned for launching authors’ careers, The Literary Firm (TLF) is a distinguished literary agency with a pioneering focus on international and domestic representation of fiction and non-fiction works across various genres, including commercial fiction, literary, science fiction, fantasy, and young adult, among others.

With an extensive network, we negotiate significant deals for new writers not only in the US but also in Europe, Asia, and other foreign markets. Our close ties with mainstream traditional publishers worldwide enable us to secure opportunities for authors globally. Moreover, we collaborate directly or in partnership with film agents in London and LA, facilitating the optioning of Film & TV rights to leading production companies and film studios.

Our roster of over 300 clients spans across 50 countries and includes esteemed authors like New York Times bestsellers, Wall Street Journal bestsellers, Hugo Award winners, Edgar Award winners, Publisher’s Weekly bestsellers, and more. These talents have received numerous awards and honors, with many of their works adapted into major motion pictures, miniseries, and TV series.

At TLF, we take a personalized approach to develop and nurture each author’s career, providing comprehensive services to ensure success on all fronts. This commitment to our authors has attracted numerous writers, agencies, and publishers to join forces with our agency.